Rose Oak Beef

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grass fed, grass finished, locally grown beef

STEAKS (1 per package, 1” thick) PRICE PER LB
Porterhouse steak (0.5- 1 lb each) $18
Ribeye steak, boneless (0.5- 1 lb each) $18
Round steak $9
Sirloin steak $11
T-Bone steak (0.5- 1 lb each) $18
ROASTS (2-4 lbs each, 1 per package) PRICE PER LB
Arm Roast $8
Chuck Roast $8
Rump Roast $8
Sirloin Tip Roast $8
Stew Meat (1 lb package) $8
Brisket (2- 4 lbs per package) $9
Ground beef (1 lb packages) $6
Ground Beef Patties (1.5 lb packages, 4 patties) $7
Short Ribs $5
Soup Bones $3
Ox Tail $4

*Sales Tax will be added to prices above, all items listed based on availability, all weights are approx.

**Discount for bulk orders of beef

***All meat is priced per pound (lb.), NOT each

(Prices subject to change without notice)